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Five minutes with snowboarding superstar Torah Bright

The gold medallist and Porsche ambassador talks about confidence, equality and the beauty product she can’t live without.

What does a typical year look like for you these days?

Where there is snow, is where you’ll find me. In the Northern winters, I’ll be gallivanting through the US, Europe and Japan, for competitions, filming / shooting or other commitments. 
My down time is spent between the northern and southern hemisphere winters, where I get to be home with my husband in Sydney and spend time with my family in Cooma.
The time I have in-between seasons is also used to prepare and build strength for the next time I am back on the snow and training – a tropical trip is always needed to top up on Vitamin D levels and break up the long winters too!

What’s changed for women and girls in snow sports and sports in general since you began snowboarding?

When I first got into snowboarding, there was already a strong female presence. Having women quash stereotypes and push boundaries before me was a huge inspiration – they paved the way for me, so much so that it was almost like the hard work and equality issues were already resolved! 
Although a lot of the ground work had been laid before me, progression is something that never stops. I’ve come across many naysayers along the way, and it’s definitely taken time to break down the boundaries they placed on me as a sportswoman and the sport in general, but it did happen. More and more women are breaking through boundaries others have put on the them because someone before them did. There have always been male clubs and now, we have strong, empowered women in every facet of life.

What can help women and girls feel more confident in competitive snow sports? 

Confidence comes from within. It’s a lifelong process of being kind to yourself and appreciating yourself for your weaknesses and your strengths. It’s about putting yourself out there enough to build character, and the confidence will follow.
Confidence is an art crucial to living. It takes courage to be fully human and own your dreams and the journey these dreams take you on. If a thought of doubt comes into your mind ask yourself ‘Where is it coming from?’ and ‘What is stopping me?’

Torah Bright competes at the FIS Freestyle Ski and Snowboard World Championship 2015
Torah Bright competes in the FIS Freestyle Ski and Snowboard World Championship 2015 in Austria

What are your future plans, professionally and personally? 

Professionally, I see myself in snowboarding for quite a few more years. I love it. There are so many aspects to snowboarding that I am yet to fully explore outside of the competitive world, and am so excited for what’s to come after the next Olympics. 
Personally, I love life, people and travel. One day, I would love to have a family and travel the world experiencing cultures and expanding my knowledge through new experiences. 

Is it true you don’t like the cold? Er…what? 

Yep! I hate the cold. Am I a beach girl at heart? 🙂
Luckily, in the mountains, I’m always creating fun and challenging myself, and, of course, dressed appropriately, so I don’t often feel the cold too much! 
What are three things you take with you wherever you travel in the world – and why? 
·         Roxy Fitness apparel – The best way to get over jet lag is to get the heart pumping. You’ll find me in the hotel gym or in my room just getting the blood pumping to beat the jet lag
·         Arbonne Mascara – This stuff conditions, strengthens and lengthens your lashes. I don’t wear a lot of makeup but mascara just makes your eyes pop!
·         A book – I love learning. I love expanding my mind and travel is a perfect time to bring out a book. The book I’m currently reading is ‘Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself’

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