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Five-Year-Old Finds Mum Unconscious. His Next Move Has Him Hailed A Hero

“I’m about to go to school and I’m going to be late”

When five-year-old Kyran Duff was getting ready for school, he heard his mum, Nicola Jenkins, fall at the bottom of the stairs and lose consciousness.

The young boy immediately knew what to do. He quickly picked up the phone and dialled emergency services, telling the operator his mum was sick and needed help. 

The phone call, which has been released to the public, has Kyran saying: “I’m going to get mum a teddy, she’s a little bit cold.”

To which the operator repies: “Can you get her a blanket?” 

“I have got her a blanket already,” Kyran says, before expressing his worry about being late for school.

The paramedic quickly rushed to the scene but the keys to unlock the door were out of Kyran’s reach. The young boy used his initiative and knocked them down with one of his dad’s slippers.

Thankfully, Nicola fully recovered from the incident, saying: “I had been to hospital before because they thought I may have had epilepsy.”

“To be on the safe side, we talked to Kyran and had pretended he was phoning the ambulance.”

“That was two weeks before. He did so well to get the address right and remembering to spell it out.”

Nicola recommends all parents to explain to their children how to call emergency services, saying: “It is never too early. Once they start talking and have a concept of what is going on, use a toy phone.”

“The address is the most important thing,” she notes to Wales Online.

Kyran was later awarded the Laverick award by Paramedics at East Midlands Ambulance Service, which is given to young people who have shown outstanding bravery.

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