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Fran Drescher Just Rewore This Iconic Look From ‘The Nanny’ And We’re Having Major 90s Nostalgia

She’s still got it.

Some actresses are so good at the roles they play, they become synonymous with them, and Fran Drescher in The Nanny is absolutely one of those people. The voice, the hair, the clothes she’ll always be Fran Fine to us. 

Despite the show ending 22 years ago, the actress has just reminded us that some things never change. The ever-stylish 63-year old dug out her iconic Moschino vest and donned it in a recent photoshoot. True fans were quick to realise it’s the same vest she wore during the first season of the show. 

“Did a shoot 4 @hbomax & @cancerschmancer 4 #thenanny & the Fran Jam Music Festival 6/20 at 6pm PT & 9pm ET so get ready to see a Gr8 show on Father’s Day eve,” the caption read.

Cue the nostalgia. Fans of the show went wild, recognising the vest immediately and flooding the comments section with love. 

One person commented, “Is this THE vest???” With another writing, “Yesss, iconic vest! STAN.”

The vest truly has a loyal fan base of its own, and it’s not hard to see why. Speaking with Variety in April this year, the show’s costume designer Brenda Cooper gave us even more insight into the iconic garment. 

“It was from Moschino’s Cheap & Chic, and that vest was another departure point for her character on that show. That vest with the white shirt and black skirt was the inspiration and the embryo of the Fran Fine character,” she said. 

Over the course of the show, Cooper learned to contrast bold, statement items with more subdued garments (like the rainbow vest with the black turtleneck). She said this was key in achieving Fran’s signature style. 

“It was a sassy elegance that was important to me, and pushing that to the edge without tipping it.” 

For anyone holding out hope on a reboot, there’s nothing officially confirmed yet, but the actress has spoken about the possibility of one on multiple occasions. 

Speaking to E! News about a potential reboot plot, Fran said:

“Peter [Marc Jacobson] came up with the brilliant idea that Fran and Max moved back to New York because he missed Broadway, and for lack of a better idea, Fran says, ‘Why don’t you do a show about us?’ And then [the] whole first season would be about him producing the show that’s actually on…Broadway.”

For now, though, we’ll just keep re-watching old episodes and pretending it’s 1998 again. 

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