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Warning: If Someone Calls And Asks You This One Question, Hang Up Immediately

This is really scary.

We’re all well aware that internet pop-ups saying we’re the lucky 1000th visitor to the site and therefore have won $1m generally (read: always) aren’t true, and phone calls from our ‘bank’ asking asking for our account details aren’t going to get far, but this new scam is actually really easy to fall for.

All scammers need is for you to answer their one question before they can hack into your bank accounts and steal your money. 

The scam works by someone calling and asking, “Can you hear me?”

When you respond with “yes” they immediately hang up but not before recording your voice.

They then use the recording to authorise payments from your bank or to hack into your accounts using voice recognition.

Queensland Police Service is warning that if scammers already have personal details – such as your phone number and address – a simple ‘yes’ is all they need to start stealing your money.

The scam first started in the U.S. and U.K. but has now made its way to Australia, with police warning the public to hang up straight away if they receive a call like the above. 

Anyone who has already fallen victim to this scam should call their bank immediately. 

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