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Gal Gadot Just Responded To Her ‘Low’ Wonder Woman Salary

The actress was paid a LOT less than Superman....

Despite breaking box office records and raking in $537 million globally in the first three weeks, leading woman Gal Gadot was only paid $300,000 for her role as Wonder Woman.

While $300,000 is no small amount, compared to the mounds of cash the film is producing, not to mention the years it takes to actually make a movie, less than half a million seems like peanuts.

Henry Cavill’s role as Superman earned him $14 million in Man of Steel, while fellow superhero actors Christian Bale and Robert Downey Jnr were paid $9 million and $50 million for their roles as Batman and Iron Man respectively.

It is fair to note than when Gal signed on to play Wonder Woman she was a fairly unknown actor. However, Henry Cavill – who raked in a cool $14m – wasn’t a household name, either.

Gal originally signed on for Batman vs. Superman, Wonder Woman and Justice League at $300,000 a movie, however, she is eligible for bonuses as the movie reaches box office milestones.

Chris Evans’ first performance as Captain America earned him the same $300,000 pay check, giving us hope that Gal’s figure wasn’t solely due to the gender pay gap, which is especially prevalent in Hollywood.

Now, following the uproar, the actress has responded to her ‘low’ paycheck. 

“I’m grateful and happy,” the 32-year-old told TMZ on Wednesday of her salary.

When the gossip site’s photographer said she deserved more for the next film, Gadot joked, “I think I should get you as my lawyer to do the negotiations.”

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