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How comedian Gen Fricker turned her worst day ever into comedy gold

Oh, and survived the year she got dumped, left her job, and almost got murdered

For the last ten years Gen Fricker has been a busy girl. She’s been honing her stand-up comedy craft by headlining shows on the national comedy circuit. She’s been perfecting her presenting prowess by hosting radio programs on Triple J and she’s become a household name through regular TV appearances on shows like Have You Been Paying Attention? and The Project!

It all seemed like a seamless plan was working in her favour. But in 2018, life took off in a different direction. A stalker broke into an ABC studio and assaulted her while she was hosting a radio program. Then her boyfriend dumped her. Then she got kicked out of her house. Then she felt like she had to leave the only job she had ever really wanted.

It’s left her angry and vocal and passionate about making change. Luckily, its also left her with enough material for a brand new comedy show (natch).

This is what happens when you become famous for your worst day ever and then emerge victorious! 

Listen here to Gen’s awesome story, or on your preferred podcast platform. We do ’em all. (And while you are at it, please don’t forget to rate and review cos we love to know what you think!) 

See for dates of her new show boasting the extremely understated title of `Very Important and Extremely Brave’ 

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