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Sit Back And Listen To The Sweet Sound Of George Clooney Speaking In Italian

Molto bene!

This week George and Amal Clooney paid a special visit to the Vatican where the star received a medal for his work with Pope Francis’ arts foundation Scholas Occurrentes.

According to CBS, George was “awarded a medal for his work with Francis’ Scholas Occurrentes”—an international organisation of pontifical right that connects technology with arts and sports in order to promote social integration and the culture of encounter for peace.

In a video of the occasion which has been posted to YouTube, George can be heard greeting the Pope and the assembled media and apologising profusely for his bad Italian – if you ask us he sounds pretty darn fluent.

This reminds us of the time that Leonardo DiCaprio met the Pope, and endearingly stumbled to thank him in Italian.

And who could forget Bradley Cooper speaking French?

Disclaimer: We don’t speak Italian or French so we don’t know if they are actually speaking well or not, but we like the way it sounds…

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