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Georgia Love Posts Moving Message About Grief At Christmas

"If grief comes in waves, they are the tsunamis.”
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It’s been just over a year since Bachelorette star Georgia Love lost her mother to pancreatic cancer and she’s shared a poignant message about the never ending nature of grief, felt hard around this time of year.  

“I don’t like the word “luck” but I do think I was very lucky to have never really experienced grief until last year,” the 29-year-old captioned a quote on Instagram. “But 27 years without understanding it has made its blow even tougher than I could have imagined.”

“What’s surprised me the most is how it hits on the days you least expect it. Of course Mother’s Day, her birthday, the anniversary of her death and Christmas would be hard. I was prepared. I received countless messages of love and thoughts and was wrapped in that protective coating. And I got through, even with a smile. But I never expected how hard the days following those milestones would be. If grief comes in waves, they are the tsunamis.”

She says that while life returns to normal for most people, the grieving person’s does not and will not.

“It’s indelibly changed and that’s what is so hard to wrap your head around. It’s not just this Christmas she’s not here for, it will be the next and the next and the next. There’s no light at the end of the tunnel.”

Love also encouraged others to reach out to people who might be suffering over the festive season. 

“If you have someone in your life who is grieving, please don’t forget them in these days. That’s when we need you most”

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