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The Latest ‘Get Krack!n’ Is A Must-Watch For All Australians

Guest hosted by the incomparable duo Miranda Tapsell and Nakkiah Lui
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The ABC’s Get Krack!n, for two seasons, has conquered the cut-throat world of satirical cooking shows with hosts Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney taking a sassy swipe at the bright chirpy world of morning television with their signature brand of social awkwardness.

But for Season 2’s finale, the chirpy world of morning TV took a twisted turn, with guest hosts Miranda Tapsell and Nakkiah Lui stopping by for a chat to promote their show The Blynde Spot. The Kates have to leave suddenly and the guests are left to host the messy, crude albeit positive show that is Get Krack!n – and it’s one Twitter users labelled ‘one for the history books’. 

The pair halted the show’s usual humour to deliver a critical look at morning TV’s tendency to cling to headline-grabbing attacks on marginalised groups, with examples in the past week in Australia delivered by morning hosts Sonia Kruger and Kerri-Anne Kennerley. 

The episode was trending on Twitter, which is a testament to the powerful segment as it competes with Channel Nine’s dating juggernaut Married At First Sight.

One of the most noteworthy scenes came as Tapsell angrily shut down a group of white commenters arguing about whether racism really exists in Australia, a scene that is all too familiar. The show’s conclusion devolved into a very literal deconstruction of everything morning television stands for – an unashamed rally cry for action against subtle discrimination that dominates mainstream Australian media.

“What do you dick monkeys know about racism?” Tapsell screams at the arguing commentators. “I’ll tell you about racism because I’ve been living with racism since the moment I shot out of my mum!” 

White commentators debated whether racism is real.

“Thirty years of smiling, and making big eyes and not showing my anger! I’m done not being angry. I am angry. And if you don’t like me being angry, then, by all means, Australia, take my furious baton and run this race for me! Because we are dying in infancy, we are dying in custody, and we are dying decades earlier than you. And you should be as angry about that as I am,” she said.

“Stop being angry at families who are fleeing warzones, or at schools for teaching kids properly about sex and their bodies, or in any other things these bullshit shows tell you to be angry about, just so they can fill the talk break.”

You can watch the full episode here

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