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Gianni Versace Murder Is Subject Of New TV Series

You’ll never guess who’s tipped to play Donatella

Attention fashion fiends: the third season of American Crime Story (the Emmy-winning series which most recently portrayed the OJ Simpson trial) is set to explore the mysterious death of Gianni Versace.


Back in 1997, the Italian fashion designer was gunned down on the steps of his Miami mansion; to date the murder case remains unsolved.


While details of the highly anticipated production are still under wraps, the internet has gone into meltdown assembling its dream cast.


Our favourites? Lady Gaga as Giannis platinum-tressed sister Donatella.

(Credit: Getty)

James Corden as Elton John, one of Giannis closest confidants.

(Credit: Getty)

And, of course, muse Naomi Campbell as herself.

(Credit: Getty)

The house of Versace has been quick to distance itself from the series, deeming it a work of fiction.

But so long as there’s ’90s nostalgia, glamazon supermodels – and a dash of that brash Euro excess synonymous with the fashion house – we’ll be watching. 

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