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‘I’ll Be Gone in the Dark’ Is The New Documentary On The Golden State Killer

Calling all true crime fanatics!

The Golden State Killer still remains one of the world’s scariest and most infamous killers, and now a new documentary series examines the case of the California rapist and murderer — and the true-crime author who relentlessly tried to track him down. 

HBO dropped a trailer for their six-part documentary series I’ll Be Gone In the Dark. Directed by Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Liz Garbus, the series is based on Michelle McNamara’s investigation into the Golden State Killer, and McNamara’s book of the same name. 
McNamara, who died in 2016, ran a true-crime blog called True Crime Diary and spent hours investigating crimes committed by what police at the time believed to be two separate people: the East Area Rapist and “the Original Night Stalker,” a reference to Richard Ramirez, a rapist and murderer who operated around Los Angeles and San Francisco. The crimes began in 1976, and continued for a decade. In 2001, DNA confirmed these two people were the same person. It was McNamara who coined the term the Golden State Killer, and through her website and subsequent book, brought attention to the case. 
In 2018, police arrested Joseph James DeAngelo, a 73-year-old former police officer, under suspicion that he was the Golden State Killer. In convicted, DeAngelo faces the death penalty. He is currently awaiting trial, and if convicted DeAngelo faces the death penalty. 

The new series should provide not only an eye-opening view of a case that McNamara vowed to bring into the public consciousness but also of McNamara herself, who fought for justice for the Golden State Killer’s victims and survivors. 

Watch the gripping trailer below:

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