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In Honour Of Our Outgoing AOTY, Here’s 7 Of Grace Tame’s Most Iconic Twitter Clapbacks

The Twitter queen has logged on.

There’s no doubt Grace Tame has redefined what it means to be an Australian of the Year.

The 28-year-old Tasmanian used her platform to advocate for victim-survivors of sexual assault, heralding in a reckoning of women and children’s safety that we’ve never before seen in this country. She educated Australia on how to recognise and prevent child sexual abuse. Hey, she was even one of marie claire‘s Women of the Year, gracing the December 2021 cover with fellow survivor, advocate, and friend Brittany Higgins.

But there’s one thing we haven’t talked about enough: her impeccable talent for the Twitter clapback.

Grace Tame’s tweets have usually been advocacy-related. However, that same advocacy—which has frequently been for victim-survivors against decisions made by the Morrison government—has attracted some pretty nasty personal attacks.

In the face of such attacks, some people might withdraw from public life. Grace appears to take it in her stride.

So without further adieu, please enjoy seven of Grace Tames’ most devastatingly funny Twitter dunks.

When someone called her ‘trash’:

When she joined in the roasting of Scott Morrison’s plan to allow teenagers to drive forklifts:

When she reminded Mark Latham what it means to be ‘Australian of the Year’:

When she put a new spin on the moniker ‘Scotty from Marketing’:

When she sailed this close to the sun by calling Peter Dutton—who successfully sued over a tweet calling him a ‘rape apologist’—an ‘ape apologist’.

When she responded to an attack from Andrew Bolt:

And finally, referring to herself as soon-to-be “washed up” when a new Australian of the Year is announced:

A new Australian of the Year will be announced on Wednesday, January 26. We’re excited to see who it is, but they have some enormous shoes to fill.

Lead photo: marie claire

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