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Meet the Grandma Uber driver you never knew you needed

“My purpose here is to make sure the women of Brisbane get home safe.”

57-year-old Kathy Raydings is the grandma from Queensland taking the world by storm, offering safe and reliable transport to the young women of Brisbane.

“It’s very hectic out there on a Friday and Saturday night. The ladies of Brisbane shouldn’t be subject to sexual harassment from any service industry and should get home safe everyday.”

When Kathy left her job in January due to an injury she decided to join the door-to-door service as a way to earn extra money. In the last few months she realised that getting women home safe was her calling after hearing stories of women who had been sexually harassed and locked in cars by taxi drivers.

The adorable grandma also offers a selection of homemade treats, advice and even snaps selfies with her customers, which she posts to her growing Facebook following of nearly 2000 fans.

“I have a huge Bundy Rum esky in the boot filled with chocolates. It usually lasts a week and a half.” Raydings told The Huffington Post Australia.

Grandma Uber getting girls home safe and supplying sweet treats whilst doing it
Grandma Uber supplying sweets and safety Source: Facebook Grandma Uber

With a regular passenger list of 700 people, Grandma Uber shows no sign of slowing down and has now set her sights on using the popular ride sharing app to create a fleet of Grandma Uber drivers “to get our girls home safely.”

“They just need to love the girls, treat everyone with respect, care for them, get them home. There’s no rocket science to it.”

If this doesn’t make you sign up to Uber then we don’t know what will.

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