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Welcome To the Very Fabulous & Very Glossy Gucci Talk Show

The late night genre will never be the same again.

For decades, the late night talk show world has more or less stayed in its lane. It’s been largely dominated by white men who are all funny enough, sure, but all kind of look and sound the same if you squint a little. 

Recognising a legacy ready to be subverted, Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele decided to take the late night genre and inject some light into it by creating his very own version: the Gucci Beloved Talk Show. 

It answers the question: what would a Gucci talk show look like? And leaves us wanting oh so much more. 

The Beloved Show campaign is in honour of celebrating the label’s four most beloved handbag styles, and features James Corden drawing on his real-life experience to serve as host. To shoot the campaign, Michele enlisted cult artist, photographer, director Harmony Korine (Spring Breakers) who injects his signature style, bringing forth an image of a chat show that is both true to the glamour of late night and the playfulness that we’ve come to expect from Michele’s Gucci. 

(Credit: Image: Harmony Korine)

Michele invited a bevvy of Hollywood A-listers onto the show as guests, with their “beloved” handbags in tow. Each was asked the same question by Corden – which bag do you hold the most beloved? – and had the answer sitting in their lap. 

Harry Styles, in a characteristically fabulous over-the-top Gucci look, sported the Jackie, Dakota Johnson held onto the Dionysus, and Diane Keaton had the Gucci Horsebit 1955 perched on Corden’s desk in front of her. Meanwhile, Sienna Miller was picture perfect with a Jackie in the brand’s GG Supreme canvas, and Serena Williams and Awkwafina both accessorised their floral looks with the GG Marmont bags.  

“Very often, these creations are named after influential women,” says Michele. “Now, we twisted with the idea that there were two stars: the bag and the actual talent.”

For more, tune in to, and check out the full series of images below. 

(Credit: Image: Harmony Korine)
(Credit: Image: Harmony Korine)
(Credit: Image: Harmony Korine)
(Credit: Image: Harmony Korine)

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