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A teenage love story with a killer ending

Did you pick the horrifying twist in this all too common tale?

So, did you pick it?

This is one of those expertly crafted videos that gently draws you in with a charming story of budding love between two students. It’s a time-honored tale of high-school romance tinged with innocence and nostalgia.

And then that chilling twist at the end, which had the Marie Claire office gasp in shock.

It offers unique insight into the violence and sadness that too many high schools, particularly in America, often experience in these gun-riddled times.

Which is exactly why creative company BBDO partnered with the Sandy Hook Promise – an non-profit organisation set up by family members of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre victims – to possibly help find a way to make it stop.

Their joint aim was to produce a compelling video to show exactly how subtle the all-important signs of brewing trouble can be. The ultimate message being: just one person asking the right question can save lives.

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