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Gwyneth Paltrow Is Bringing ‘Goop’ To TV

Do we spy an Emmy?

Your binge-watching is about to get a whole lot healthier because Gwyneth Paltrow is bringing her wellness and style to Netflix. Variety confirmed that Paltrow would be expanding Goop’s reach to include a new docu-series set to air on the streaming service.

The series will consist of 30-minute episodes hosted by Goop’s editors, chief content officer Elise Loehnen and Paltrow. 

“We were speaking to the platform question, and where our people are. They’re watching Netflix,” Loehnen told Variety. “Some of the more strategic, bigger stories we want to tell require a TV budget. Obviously, there’s no better partner in that.”

The show’s content will be an extension of what fans already know and love from Goop. 

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Topics will include mental health, as well as physical and sexual health, as well as all things associated with Paltrow and her brand of healthy living. Loehnen adds that there will doctors, experts, and researchers, too, and knowing the actress, they’ll all be extremely qualified and extremely attractive. Loehnen explains that Paltrow will be involved with every aspect of the expansion.

“Gwyneth is a highly visual, tactile person. The quality of everything that we produce is very important to her,” Loehnen said. “She’s always looking for white space. Whether it’s developing physical products or thinking of content. With this show, I think she’s only really interested in opportunities where we can uniquely be ourselves and do things potentially disruptive.”

We’ll be tuning into this one! 

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