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Hamish Blake & Zoë Foster Blake’s Tourism Australia Ad Has Us Seriously Craving A Getaway

Here's the "big" places to tick off your bucket list.

This year, two of Australia’s most beloved personalities (and all-around couple goals), comedian Hamish Blake and author Zoë Foster Blake, have been encouraging fellow Aussies to ‘Holiday Here This Year’ as part of Tourism Australia’s campaign to push travellers to explore our very own backyard (because who knows when international travel will be on the cards again). 

The latest video is their “biggest” yet, literally, showing off some of the most immense and breathtaking places to visit—including everywhere from Queensland’s Great (“Big”) Barrier Reef, as Hamish likes to call it, to Victoria’s Great Otway National Park, and among Zoë’s top picks, Western Australia’s Kimberley region. 

Alongside the clip released on May 6, 2021, Zoë wrote: “My husband and I are the luckiest pigs in Australia getting to shoot (together!) at these breathtaking locations, places we’d always dreamed of visiting but ‘never made the time.’ Plus we get this cute video diary* to remember it all!” 

“In what can only be described as the worlds greatest gig, this is the latest ad @zotheysay and I got to film for @australia showing (well, really, reminding) us all how epic it is to get out and experience our country and it’s sheer… bigness (no thesaurus needed for my posts), Hamish added. “Man we had so much fun making this.” 

While the couple’s children, Sonny and Rudy, don’t appear in the campaign, the pair have documented their family holidays extensively on Instagram, so don’t think the breathtaking destinations are strictly for couples or small groups, they’re definitely for the whole family, too. 

After one watch of the incredible locations on offer, it’s easy to see why Australian travellers are more excited than ever to explore the destinations waiting on our very doorstep. Read on for some of Hamish and Zoë’s top recommendations, but be warned they’ll have you seriously tempted to book that much-deserved getaway—and STAT. 

The Otways 

Victoria’s Great Otway National Park covers everything from rugged coastland, beaches and sprawling mountains of the Otway Ranges. Here, you can explore everything from the waterfalls, which includes the three cascades of Triplet Falls, go for stunning hikes amongst its rainforest at Maits Rest, and of course, head to the Great Ocean Walk that leads to the Twelve Apostles. 

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Purnululu National Park

The Bungle Bungle Range nestled in Western Australia’s Purnululu National Park is, unsurprisingly, one of the most stunning and striking landmarks Australia has on offer. Many might not know that the World Heritage-listed destination was a secret from the outside world until 1983, with its orange and black striped sandstone mounds, surrounding waterfalls and incredible history making it one of the most fascinating sites to visit. While holidaying, go off-road on an overnight adventure to Bungle Bungle Savannah Lodge, or take a helicopter ride to take in its expansive beauty. 

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Purnululu National Park
(Credit: Getty Images.)

Litchfield National Park

An absolute must-see, Litchfield National Park is home to stunning, misty waterfalls nestled among the Northern Territory’s dramatic landscapes, as well as crystal clear pools and iconic sandstone pillars at the Lost City. Go for a hike that takes in the spectacular destination, or swim in some of Australia’s most breathtaking thundering falls and cool plunge pools while taking in the serenity of their surrounding forests. No doubt the natural wonder on offer here will leave you feeling refreshed. 

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