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Hannah Gadsby Just Won The Emmys With This Hilarious Skit

NotAllMen... ButALotOfThem

Hannah Gadsby has made her Emmys debut with a performance that has viewers calling for the Australian comedian to host next year’s awards ceremony.

Gadsby, who became a worldwide phenomenon when her groundbreaking show Nanette was released on Netflix, took to the stage to deliver a skit which many are deeming the best part of the night.

“The world’s gone a bit crazy,” she started. “For somebody like me, a nobody from nowhere, gets a sweet gig – free suit, new boots – just ’cause I don’t like men.”

“That’s a joke, of course. Just jokes fellas, calm down,” Gadsby continued with a cheeky smile, before making the audience burst into laughter by saying, “#NotAllMen… ButALotOfThem.”

Naturally, Twitter is alight with people calling for Gadsby to get an Emmy “just for existing” and saying that she is their new “favourite person.”

Us too, Twitter, us too.

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