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Heartbroken Father Discovered His Daughter’s Body After She Failed To Return Home From A Run

He begged her not to run that route alone, but she told him she would be fine.

After Katrina Vetrano failed to return home from a run, her worried father, Phillip called police, fearing the worst.

The 30-year-old ran the same route everyday near their home inHoward Beach, Queens, with her father, Phillip Vetrano, but that day he stayed home due to a sore back, reports the NY Times. He urged her not to take this route, which cut through a secluded path without him there, but she reassured him she would be fine.

When she didn’t return home on time, her retired firefighter father knew something was wrong. Calling a neighbor who was the local police commander, they began a desperate search.

Using phone signals to narrow the search, it was her own father who discovered her lifeless body, face down in tall grass alongside an emergency trail a way off the running track. 

The woman’s clothes had been partially removed, suggesting a sexual assault, and the autopsy revealed she died from strangulation.

The investigation is ongoing however they have since found a used condom and wrapper near where the body was found, according the the NY Post and police are questioning known sexual offenders in the area.

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