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This New Trailer Gives A Heartwarming Insight Into Carrie Fisher And Debbie Reynolds’ Relationship

"I'm my mom's best friend."

HBO just released their new trailer for Bright Lights, a new documentary about the lives of Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher and her mother, Hollywood royalty Debbie Reynolds.

The release follows heartbreaking news that Fisher and Reynolds passed away just a day apart.

“It’s a love story,” HBO Documentary Films president Sheila Nevins recently told Variety about the series. “Carrie wanted to make ‘Bright Lights’ for Debbie and Debbie wanted to make it for Carrie.”

The teaser shows old footage of Carrie as a baby, and shows the mother-daughter duo talking about how much the other means to them.

“I’m my mom’s best friend,” Carrie says.

“I share everything with my daughter,” Debbie says. “Especially the check!”

HBO moved the release date of the series forward in light of the sad news, and it will air on January 7 in the US.

Watch the trailer here:

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