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Mother Of Boy From Shocking Heroin Photos Says She “Wants Her Baby Back”

It was the image that shocked the world

The stripper mother of a little boy that was snapped in the car while his grandmother and and boyfriend sat in the front overdosing on heroin, has spoken out about the horrifying picture.

The graphic image was released by Police and the City of East Liverpool, Ohio stunning the world and sparking global outrage.

The mother of three, Reva McCullough, 24 lost custody of her child in 2012 due to her own drug addiction to cocaine. Court papers reveal the child has since been moved around from different family members ever since.

(Credit: City of East Liverpool, Ohio )

Upon seeing the image McCullough told the Daily Mail, “I bawled for four days straight. I want my boy back.”

“I don’t take drugs anymore. I haven’t even had a drink all night. Ironically, I have never taken heroin.”

Brain Allen, one of the officials that released the image said that if they hadn’t, the grandmother Rhonda Pasek, “would have received a slap on the wrist and that little boy would have gone back to her – that’s not going to happen now, I doubt she will see that child again.”

But now the child has been placed in the care of a great aunt and uncle in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. McCullough who works as a stripper at Tiffany’s Dolls in North Lima, Ohio said that she didn’t even know that he was now with her aunt.

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