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Why Everyone Thinks Hillary Clinton Has A Body Double

Another conspiracy theory...

The internet loves a conspiracy theory. And the latest has to do with Hillary Clinton.

After collapsing during a 9/11 memorial event on Sunday in New York City, the US presidential hopeful left abruptly after being escorted into a vehicle. Doctors said she was dehydrated, and had been diagnosed with pneumonia just two days earlier.

After being taken to her daughter Chelsea’s home in Manhattan, Clinton emerged hours later, smiling for waiting photographers.

And this is where the body double theory begins… 

#HillarysBodyDouble started trending on Twitter when the photos emerged of Hillary out and about.

The theorists “evidence” is the alleged weight differences, hand gestures and nose shape.

Conspiracy theorists think that the woman is Teresa Barnwell, who has impersonated Hillary for 32 years. 

But Barnwell told the Daily Beast she was in Los Angeles when the photos were taken.

Asked last week if she was concerned about “conspiracy theories” related to her health, Clinton said she wasn’t.

“There are so many of them,” she said, “I’ve lost track of them.”

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