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Horrifying Details Of Stephanie Scott’s Murder Revealed To Court For First Time

The murderer's twin brother sold her engagement ring.

The cleaner who killed teacher Stephanie Scott last year has come before the court and revealed horrifying details of what happened for the first time. 

The Daily Telegraph reports among the most shocking details that the cleaner, Vincent Stanford, prepared a ‘rape kit’, which he used to sexually assault and kill Stephanie Scott with.

Facts tendered by the Crown say that Stanford had been waiting for a 12-year-old child at the school, but he came across Stephanie Scott instead. When he discovered her, he went home, got his rape kit, and came back.

“As she walked along the corridor after exiting the administration building Stephanie encountered Vincent Stanford who had been waiting for her, she said to him, ‘I’m going home now, have a Happy Easter’,” court documents state.

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When she was trying to leave the premises, Stanford grabbed her from behind and took her away.

“Stephanie Scott was struggling and trying to yell as Vincent Stanford was dragging her towards the store room,” court documents say.

After raping her, he punched her in the face many times, then killed her by stabbing her in the neck. He left her body in her car, eventually driving it to his home. Then in the morning, he drove it to Cocoparra National Park.

“(He) removed Stephanie’s naked body from the boot of her car and placed her on the ground. He then placed tree branches of differing sizes over her lower torso before pouring petrol onto the branches and setting her alight.”

He was arrested a few days after this happened, and confessed to the crime in a police interview on April 11. He will be sentenced in October.

ABC News also reports that Stanford’s twin brother Marcus, who has been accused of being an accessory to the murder, was sent Scott’s engagement rings in the mail and sold them for about $700 at a pawn shop.

He has been sentenced to 15 months in jail for being an accessory after the fact to her murder.

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