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Hugh Grant Has Revealed Which ‘Love Actually’ Scene He Dreaded Filming

The scene is one of the film's most iconic.
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Everyone has a favourite Love Actually scene but it turns out one of the film’s stars has a least favourite as well. 

Hugh Grant, who plays the U.K Prime Minister in the film, has revealed to ET that he dreaded filming his iconic dancing scene. 

If you need a reminder, this is the scene where Grant’s character grooves his way through 10 Downing Street to Jump (For My Love) by the Pointer Sisters.

At the premiere of his his new action-adventure comedy, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, Grant was asked whether he any stand out memories of the 2003 film.

“Well obviously, [I remember] a lot of dread of having to do that dancing scene. I dreaded that,” Grant told ET

“I think otherwise it was agreeable. They were all old friends really,” Grant said of the film, “Emma Thompson, I’ve done about six hundred films with her. So I think, on the whole, it was a laugh.”

Universal Pictures
Hugh Grant’s dancing scene in ‘Love Actually’. (Credit: Universal Pictures)

Grant also said that the success of the film (and those iconic moves) hasn’t entirely changed the way he feels about the scene. 

“It helps. it helps. But I still wince when I see it,” Grant said. 

Richard Curtis, the film’s director, previously admitted during a 2022 anniversary TV Special presented by Diane Sawyer, that Grant was “grumpy” about doing the scene but agreed to do it due to “contractual obligation.” 

“I think he was hoping I [would] get ill or something and they’d say, ‘Oh, what a shame to lose that dancing sequence,’” Curtis explained. 

Grant also referred to the iconic scene during the special, adding “I think I saw it in the script and thought ‘I’ll hate doing that ‘ no Englishman can dance when they’re sober at 8am in the morning.” 

Love Actually
Hugh Grant in ‘Love Actually.’ (Credit: Universal Pictures)

However, the embarrassment didn’t stop Grant from reprising his role and performing a second dance as the Prime Minister for charity, in a Comic Relief special for Red Nose Day in 2017

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