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Woman Forced To Deliver Baby At Home Alone During Hurricane Irma

As doctors coached her over the phone

A Miami woman was forced to give birth alone at her home after emergency services were cut off from reaching her by Hurricane Irma.

The brave mother stayed on the phone to doctors throughout the labour, while they coached her through what to do.

Thankfully, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

“We weren’t able to respond. So she delivered the placenta, also. Dispatch told her how to tie it off. She’s stable at home,” Assistant Fire Chief Eloy Garcia told the Miami Herald.  “We made contact with the assistant medical director here. Talked things through.”

The mother and her baby were later taken to a hospital, the City of Miami tweeted. “This morning @CityofMiamiFire crew was able to transport baby and mom to Jackson Hospital.”

Florida is still battling the hurricane, with at least three people killed and 2.5 million left without power, ABC reports.  

The west coast is now bracing as the storm moves upwards.

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