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Indy Yelich Might Be Lorde’s Sister But She’s Got A Sound All Of Her Own

"We’re two different entities."
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Marie Claire: Your EP Threads is out now. As a poet turned songwriter, what themes have you explored through your music?

Indy Yelich: This EP is specifically about moving from the suburbs to a big city but it’s also very much about love and loss. I’m 24 now and I like to think of myself as a four-year-old adult. I give myself a bit of grace for my naivety as an adult and this EP is all about owning those years. It does scare me a bit!

MC: How do you feel about social media?

IY: It’s strange because I really love TikTok. I think it’s a great tool. You come across things that are so niche and interesting but I also don’t want to spend my twenties glued to a screen. It’s important to me to find that balance so I don’t grow up online.

MC: Your older sister is Lorde, so was your household a musical one growing up?

IY: Oh, yeah. My dad’s got a great voice so we were always singing with him when we were young. And my mum’s a writer. I played clarinet very badly when I was younger … my poor neighbours! I was truly terrible. I was always in choirs and drama productions too. 

Indy Yelich
Lorde and Indy Yelich at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards in 2017. (Credit: Getty.)

MC: What have you learnt from watching your sister go through the music industry?

IY: To truly forge my own path. My sister has been really helpful with advice and by reminding me that we’re two different entities. I’ve lived my own experiences, especially in New York, so to write for myself [is key] … and[know] that you can’t write what you think people are going to like or … relate to, because then you’re selling yourself out as someone who has lived those experiences.

MC: Talk to me about your fashion sense, because I’m detecting a cool ’90s vibe …

IY: Yes! Do you know [the character] Prue Halliwell from [the ’90s TV series] Charmed?

MC: I sure do.

IY: She is literally my style icon. But I would also say it’s [a mix of] Prue from Charmed meets Carrie [Bradshaw] from Sex and the City meets Rachel Green from Friendswith a dash of Phoebe Buffay [from Friends] thrown in.

Indy Yelich’s debut EP Threads is out now.

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