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This Is What A $10,000 First Birthday Party Looks Like

Got a spare $10k lying about?

Planning a birthday party for your one-year-old? Make sure you include a balloon wall and a band of drummers on arrival.

That’s how Sophie-Rose, niece of former Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer made her entrance into her birthday extravaganza. The birthday girl blew out a singular candle on a five-tier Holy Suga birthday cake. (Yes – there were more tiers on the cake than candles.) If guests weren’t satisfied by the cake they could help themselves to the desert table with more than 100 different deserts.

Sophie-Rose isn’t the only tot to have an OTT birthday bash. From the stylist to the the florist Terry Bivano spared nothing for 2 year old daughter Azura, the party girl’s dress from Tutu Du Monde costing over $1000.—XKMo53y/?taken-by=terrybiviano

Balloon wall? Please… Roxy Jacenko’s daughter Pixie Curtis had a life-sized Elsa balloon at her frozen-themed fourth birthday party. But Elsa had nothing on her Pixie in her birthday ensemble by French boutique Tartine et Chocolat.

And then of course there is 2016’s Children’s Party of the Year, the joint mermaid party of North West and Penelope Disick. How can you compete with the Kardashian Klan dressed as mermaids! (But don’t worry Sophie-Rose, their cake was only three-tiers!)

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