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Inside This Year’s *Insane* Oscars Gift Bag

They won't all get an Oscar but TBH we’d go just for the goodie bag…

It’s Hollywood’s night of nights. The biggest date on the red carpet calendar, when the best in the biz frock up and hope that they’ll walk away with the gold statue symbolising the film industry’s highest accolade.

But while many of the Oscar nominees will walk away empty handed, it’s not all bad because the runners-up prize is a *seriously* sweet gift bag that us mere mortals could only dream of.

Put together by marketing company Distinctive Assets (who have no actual affiliation with the actual show) the company has been supplying gift bags all 25 nominees in the acting and directing categories for 17 years.

So what do you gift the stars who have it all?

Just a few of the highlights of this year’s bag, which totals $100,000 include:

Private stay at the Lost Coast Ranch, $40,000

Week-long stay at the exclusive Golden Door spa, $8,850

A three-night Italian Getaway, $5,000

A Five-night stay in Hawaii in a beach villa, up to $4,270

Laser skin treatments for up to $4,446

Ten personal training sessions with a celebrity trainer Alex Seletzky, $900

Home automation system, $599

14K solid gold and diamond encrusted bracelet $375

While to us this seems uber extravagant, this years bag has actually been toned down from last year’s $200,000.​

But why spend so much on stars who already have everything?

“We are not gifting Oscar nominees out of a sense of philanthropy, ” Distinctive Assets founder Lash Fary told FORBES in 2016. “We are gifting them for the same reason that they are paid upwards of $20 million for a single film…because their personal brand has value as a commodity.”

Ahh to be rich and famous…

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