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Grace Tame And Julia Gillard Share Unique Messages Of Support On International Day Of The Girl

The day focusses on the rights, safety and education of girls.

International Day Of The Girl Child shines a light on girls all over the world in support of their basic rights, safety and education. Marked on October 11, you’ll notice an influx of content pertaining to the significance of the day, drawing our attention to areas where work needs to be done. 

This year, the United Nations spotlights the work of the Generation Equality Forum (GEF), with a particular focus on access to the digital world, which is woefully lacking for girls and women in many corners of the globe. 

With the pandemic having accelerated the types of education and networking available for women online, access to its very mechanisms is more important than ever. But devastatingly, that’s not the case.

Per the GEF, the global internet user gender gap has grew from 11 per cent to 17 per cent between 2013 and 2019. Even more shockingly, in less developed nations it sits at 43 per cent.

In 2021, the UN and the GEF are driving for change in the digital gender divide, and International Day Of The Girl Child is here to hero that. 

Two strong and influential females in Australia have already thrown their support behind the initiative. 

Grace Tame, a 26-year-old activist named Australian Of The Year in 2021 and an advocate for survivors of sexual assault marked the day alongside UN Women Australia by sharing a TikTok dance known as #EmpowerMoves. The choreography, which has been recreated across the country and beyond is based off a series of basic self-defence moves. 

Meanwhile former Prime Minister Julia Gillard also joined in social media support for the day. 

Sharing a throwback picture of herself as a child, the 60-year-old wrote: “As part of International Day of the Girl on Oct 11, I’m reflecting on the advice I would give my younger self (pictured here!).”

She then shared a quote: “‘The only way you will know what you are capable of achieving is by trying, and sometimes failing, but then trying again. As you move through life, not everyone will like you, or what you are trying to achieve, but that’s okay. Nurture a strong sense of self, and a clear purpose for what you are doing, and doors you never imagined possible will open.'” 

What can you do to show you support on International Day Of The Girl Child?

Whether it’s sharing an Instagram post like Julia or a TikTok dance like Grace, the best way to make an impact, even for one person, on the day is to help to make others aware of it, and what it’s theme is. 

Share the information provided by the GEF explained above, and start a conversation with your friends. 

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