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Introducing Sydney’s First Women-Only Sex Club

Yes, it’s as raunchy as it sounds
Skirt Club

Meet Skirt Club: the exclusive (and very risqué) all-female sex club that’s set to open in Sydney next month.

The international sex club – which has branches in London, New York, Miami and Manchester – is billed as providing a safe environment for bisexual and bi-curious women to explore their sexual fantasies.

According to the club’s co-director Renee Nyx, ‘exploring’ could include body shots, burlesque dancing, bondage or sex.

“There is truly not a place in Sydney at the moment that bi-curious and bisexual girls feel necessarily welcomed,” Ms Nyx said.

“Some bi-curious girls may not feel comfortable enough to go to a lesbian gathering. They might not be comfortable enough to date a gay girl, because they are thinking ‘You know what, I’m here to experiment, I don’t know what to do, I’m nervous’, so this an opportunity for women to explore in a safe environment and feel empowered.”

As it turns out, Nyx might be on to something. The Sydney club hasn’t even opened it’s doors yet, and it already has 50 members.

At Skirt Club, there are two types of events: Mini Skirt and the full Skirt Club experience.

Mini Skirt is on the more low-key end of the spectrum. These parties are held in public places so that women can learn about the club and its concept. On the other hand, the full Skirt Club experience takes place every six weeks at a private location or home.


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