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Ivanka Trump Slammed For “Tone Deaf” Photo With Her Son

Why a seemingly innocent photo sparked outrage outline

Ivanka Trump took to Twitter over the weekend to share a sweet moment with her two-year-old son Theodore, but she was quickly slammed for her insensitive post.

“My ! #SundayMorning,” she captioned the photo. 

At face value, there doesn’t appear to be anything controversial about the pic, but the daughter of US President Donald Trump was quickly slammed with over 27,000 comments on the post.

The problem was the timing of the post given the news that US authorities are reportedly separating children from their parents when they arrive at the American border – and that almost 1,500 of these children have gone missing.

New US immigration enforcements announced in April are seeing children of illegal immigrants reportedly separated from parents facing prosecution under the new “zero-tolerance policy”.

There are concerns the children have been left vulnerable to human trafficking and in the wake of the reports the hashtag #WhereAreTheChildren gained traction on social media.

This is why the timing of Ivanka’s photo sparked outrage, with users quick to slam her over her “tone deaf” post.

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