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IVF Clinics Exposed For Making Misleading Claims About Their Success Rates

The advertising had been giving some couples false hope.

An investigation into Australian IVF clinics has revealed that some major clinics had misleading claims that could confuse their customers. 

ABC News reports that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) conducted the investigation, finding that some companies in the industry had been giving false hope to couples who wanted a baby.

ACCC commissioner Sarah Court spoke to 7.30 about the two major concerns the investigation revealed: the use of complicated medical terms in advertising to confuse consumers, and selective reporting of successful results.

“We had concerns with a significant proportion of the clinics,” Ms Court said.

“For example, a clinic reporting, say, an 85 per cent success rate within two cycles might have not included five previous failed cycles for that woman at another clinic.”

Dr David Molloy, chair of the Fertility Society of Australia’s IVF Directors’ Group suggested that variation of prices at different clinics could have caused the misleading claims.

“There is increased competition for a static number of patients and particularly the small units are under pressure,” he said.

Despite the slip up, Sarah Court has commended the IVF industry on their response to the invesigation.

“The industry has been responsive, they recognise the importance of [accurate marketing] and they know we will be watching.”

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