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See Jacinda Ardern Working At A Fish ‘N’ Chip Store Before She Became Prime Minister

And doing a pretty bad job of it

The world can’t get enough of New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who put any remaining critics of her leadership to bed with her incredible response in the days following the Christchurch terror attack, prompting many an op-ed calling for other world leaders to take note.

While Ardern has become famous for her wit and charm during interviews, compassionate and caring response to tragedy and no fuss attitude towards being a working mother, she’s also ridiculously down to earth (don’t forget she was a DJ in a former life), something she proved in a long-forgotten 2016 appearance on Kiwi TV show Jono and Ben.

During a segment of the comedy show called ‘Next Actor’, the then relatively unknown Labour MP pretended to work at an Auckland fish ‘n’ chip store, something she has firsthand experience with, her first job while at high school was working at a local fish ‘n’ chip shop in her hometown of Morrinsville.

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The short clip shows Ardern giving a customer raw potatoes and fish, pouring a whole bottle of salt on another’s order, taking a friendly dig at then-Prime Minister John Key’s attempt to change the flag, and, best of all, actually convincing a woman to let her wrap her body in paper.

Thankfully, as with all ‘Next Actor’ segments, producers were waiting close by to replace customers orders, so nothing and no one got hurt in the filming process – except maybe Ardern’s chippery reputation.

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