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Jacinda Ardern Thanks Australia For Their ‘Solidarity’ Following Christchurch

"We are family"

Almost two weeks have gone since 50 were killed in Christchurch, New Zealand, following a terrorist attack at two mosques. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s actions following those attacks have gained her global praise for her compassion and strong leadership. 

As the 38-year-old PM sat down with The Project she talked with Waleed Aly how she’s gone about governing her nation through these darkest of days.

Speaking to Aly, Ardern said her display of cultural solidarity was “the appropriate thing to do.”

“It didn’t occur to me for a moment that there would be those women in the community that felt unsafe wearing their faith, so if in wearing the hijab in the way I did gave them a sense of security to practise their faith, then I am very pleased I did it,” Ardern said.

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Following the attack, Arden tells Aly of her country, “I feel the world is seeing who we are”.

“We see ourselves as peaceful and inclusive and the act has been so counter to that,” she said. “But the response, flood of flowers and spontaneous song where people have gathered, that’s New Zealand.”

For many Australians, a tinge of shame and guilt came with the Christchurch attacks when it was revealed the alleged perpetrator was an Australian man from NSW. There were messages of apology and our very own Opera House was lit up with a silver fern as a sign of respect.

Aly asked Ardern what message she had for Australia. 

“To Australia, I just say thank you,” she said. “Thank you for the solidarity and support. We are family. We are absolutely family and we’ve felt that support acutely.”

“The message I’ve been sharing with every global leader is it’s our job is to share love and support for our Muslim communities around the world,” she said.

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