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Jane Fonda Was Arrested While Protesting Climate Change In Washington D.C.

The actress said she'll be back every Friday

Over the weekend, two-time Oscar-winning actress Jane Fonda was filmed being arrested and escorted away from the US Capitol building in Washington D.C. where she was participating in a climate change protest.

The 81-year-old recently revealed on her website that she had moved to the state to be “closer to the epicentre of the fight for our climate,” noting that she was inspired “by the incredible movement our youth have created,” mentioning teen activist Greta Thunberg and Reverend Barber’s Moral Mondays.

“The climate crisis is not an isolated issue – it involves every part of our economy and society. Because of that, each Friday demonstration will have a different focus as it relates to climate. Scientists, movement leaders, experts, activists, Indigenous leaders, community members and youth will come together to share their stories and demand that action be taken before it’s too late,” she explained.


Fonda was one of 16 arrested and charged with crowding, obstructing or incommoding.

She has vowed to protest every Friday until January to demand for action to be taken to address climate change, labelling the protests #FireDrillFridays”.

In addition to her weekly demonstrations, Fonda will also live-stream a panel featuring various experts each Thursday, “to ensure the topic and its connection to the climate crisis is thoroughly explained.”

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