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Jane Kennedy Announces Resignation From Popular Triple M Radio Show To Focus On Her Children

"I tried to make both work, but I couldn't"

After three years co-hosting alongside Mick Molloy for Triple M’s national drive show Kennedy Molloy, radio presenter Jane Kennedy has announced her decision to resign to focus on her five children. 

Kennedy shares five teenage children with her husband Rob Sitch, and on top of her role at Triple M, the 56-year-old actress and producer is among the founding members of the successful Australian film and television production company, Working Dog. 

The radio co-host tearfully announced the decision on air, saying that while she had loved being a part of the program, juggling the needs of her family amid the ongoing global pandemic, had become too difficult.

“When I first accepted this amazing job, I joked about leaving my kids at home to go and have a bit of fun for a couple of hours a day at work,” Kennedy began. “In 2020 with lockdown and COVID, I had four teenagers doing homeschooling. That’s pretty full-on, to be honest.”

“This year marks my third VCE/HSC student in a row and I think most parents will understand what that means, particularly during a COVID lockdown bubble,” she continued. “I tried to make both work but it’s just become too hard to keep that balance in check so I’m waving the white flag.”

“Unfortunately these pesky five teenagers are going to have to come first.”

mick molloy
(Credit: Instagram/@jane_l_kennedy)

“Jane Kennedy is the funniest, smartest, toughest chick I know,” her co-host said, describing her as “irreplaceable.” 

Going forward, Molloy will host the program—to be renamed Molloy—by himself. 

The radio presented added he will miss his “showbiz wife” and praised Kennedy as a “strong female voice on this station, which it had been crying out for.” 

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