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Jay Z Just Addressed ‘Lemonade’ In A New Song

'We never gonna let the elevator take us down!'

Just when we thought Jay Z was never going to address the whole ‘Lemonade’ saga, he went and dropped a song about it, available exclusively on Tidal, obviously.

In the song, a remix of Fat Joe and Remy Ma’s hit all ‘All the Way Up’, he references Beyonce’s controversial album directly, as well as the state of their marriage and even that elevator incident. 

“You know you made it when the fact your marriage made it is worth millions / Lemonade is a popular drink and it still is / Survival of the littest.”

 “We never gonna let the elevator take us down!”

The song comes amidst news that the couple have reportedly just finished working on a joint album which will address the cheating allegations made in ‘Lemonade’.

“Jay and Beyoncé were never going to do an interview to address all the questions that came up after ‘Lemonade,’ a souce told Page Six.

“It’s more their style to respond through music.”

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