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Did Jemima Kirke Split From Her Aussie Partner?

The 'Girls' star has stayed mum on the topic.

Is it splitsville for Girls star Jemima Kirke and her Australian musician boyfriend, Alex Cameron?

While neither celeb has formally commented on the end of their relationship, a new profile on Cameron seems to have called it quits for the pair.

Despite little information from the rest of the internet, the article published in the Sydney Morning Herald‘s Good Weekend magazine confirms the couple broke up late last year. 

The piece, which featured interviews with both parties, also officially referred to Kirke as Cameron’s “ex-girlfriend”.

With the relationship seemingly in his past, Cameron remarked on the actress’ enduring influence on his career, post-relationship, calling her “still the most important creative influence in my life”.

Furthermore, Cameron—a former mainstay of Kirke’s Instagram—has been noticeably absent from her social media feed in recent months, leading some fans to ask if they’re still together (a question that has received no response).

Kirke’s last photo with Cameron was posted in September, 2022, with both attending a themed dinner party hosted by Kirke. 

Cameron and Kirke have been together since 2017. (Credit: Getty)

While it appears Kirke and Cameron ended amicably, Kirke shared mixed praise for her former partner.

Career-wise he’s reckless,” she told Good Weekend. “But despite the occasional whining and self-doubt, Alex does what he sets out to do artistically. He always shows up the way he intended. His greatest quality is valiance.”

In a classic Jemima Kirke overshare, she also said that Cameron’s music made her feel “hopeful and horny”. 

“I liked working out to them or staring at myself naked in the mirror while a song played,” she added about hearing his music before they met. 

During their relationship, Kirke and Cameron collaborated frequently, with the Conversations With Friends star directing and appearing in some of Cameron’s music videos. 

“When my friends are telling me to pull it back, she’s ‘Go all the way’. She plucked me out of obscurity,” Cameron told Good Weekend.

Kirke and Cameron met in 2017 following the break-down of Kirke’s first marriage to actor Michael Mosberg. She and Mosberg have two children. 

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