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Jennifer Garner Explains Her Relationship With Ben Affleck

'We are definitely a modern family'

Jennifer Garner spoke to the Today show in America about how she and Ben Affleck have created a modern family unit.

The couple announced their split last year, however rumours have been floating around that they are back together.

Jennifer Garner made their relationship status clear in the interview, saying that she and Ben Affleck are “great friends”. 

Speaking about her recent trip to Europe with her family, she said that they have certainly become a modern family.

“We are definitely a modern family. We’re doing really well, thank you,” she said. “Ben was working in London on Justice League, and I felt like the kids should really have that experience. He and I are great friends, and we just all went en masse.”

For Garner, it’s all about putting the kids first.

“It has to be. You don’t have a choice. It has to be.”

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