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How Motherhood Changed Jennifer Hawkins’ Relationship With Her Body

“I have a pouch! Who cares?”

Jennifer Hawkins describes giving birth to her daughter Frankie in October as “the most magical moment of my life.”

“When she came out, I was just so overwhelmed; I was crying, it was incredible,” says Hawkins, who experienced a miscarriage two years ago. “We just felt so much gratitude.”

Since experiencing the miracle of birth and becoming a mum, Hawkins admits her relationship with her body has changed. “I have so much more respect for my body, instead of worrying about it aesthetically,” says the model, who shot to stardom as Miss Universe in 2003, and went on to become the face of Myer and host of Australia’s Next Top Model. “You let go and I feel like I’m much calmer now. I’m really content and I don’t mind what people say because I’m happy within myself.”

Motherhood has a way of putting things in perspective. “I thought I’d be worried about having a stomach that wouldn’t pull in – I have a pouch! But I just think, ‘Who cares? Look what I’ve got in my arms!’,” admits Hawkins. “I look at Frankie and go, ‘Wow, my body grew her and feeds her.’ It’s very freeing because for two years I wasn’t clam. I was in such a state of ‘I have to get pregnant’ and was thinking about timelines.”

The freedom suits Hawkins, who was bursting with joy on the set of her marie claire cover shoot, her first with baby Frankie – who is also a natural in front of the camera. “She’s definitely cheeky but she’s also got a calm nature; she pretty chilled,” Hawkins smiles.

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