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Jennifer Hawkins Gets Candid About Her Imperfect Marriage To Jake Wall

“That’s what happens when you are young and you break up a million times...”

At 33-years-old Jennifer Hawkins has achieved a lot since her humble beginnings in Newcastle, NSW. From winning ‘Miss Universe’, to starting her own beauty business, J Bronze. 

Her proudest achievement? Her relationship with Jake Wall, which at 13-years (and counting!) is practically a lifetime by celebrity standards. The pair met in a bar when she was just twenty. 

“It was one of those nights I didn’t intend [on] going out, and then I went out and I met this guy and slowly, we started a relationship,” Jennifer recalls to Stellar

Without getting too “mushy” Hawkins believes her relationship was “meant to be.” 

“I don’t know whether that sounds all spiritual, but sometimes you’ve just got to believe that, because it’s just too strange how we’ve maintained this relationship and it feels so completely different to anything else in my life.” 

Wall and Hawkins, who wed in 2013, have had their ‘ups and downs’ like most couples. Jennifer insists the Instagram-perfect couple is flawed too. “That’s what happens when you are young and you break up a million times and then you come back together,” says the Myer ambassador. 

“We’ve had a lot of downs, I guess, with Jake’s mum passing away and a few things happening in my family, so it hasn’t been perfect.”

Jennifer and Jake are preparing to move into their newly renovated home on Sydney’s north shore, where they hope to have children some day. “When the timing’s right that’ll be the priority,” Hawkins says. 

This article originally appeared on InStyle Australia

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