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Jennifer Lawrence On Choosing To Do Naked Scenes After Nude Photo Hack

"There's a difference between consent and not"

In 2014, Jennifer Lawrence’s phone was hacked and she, along with a slew of other famous faces, had private, naked photos of herself leaked on the internet.

Naturally, the 27-year-old felt incredibly violated, later telling The Hollywood Reporter she felt like she “got gang-banged by the f–king planet.” 

Following the iCloud hack, Lawrence refused to have any nudity or to do anything sexual in all her films.

But for Red Sparrow, the Oscar-award winning actress broke her own rule, and she says it made her feel “empowered.”

“I feel like something that was taken from me, I got back, and am using in my art,” she explained to 60 Minutes in the US.  

jennifer lawrence
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“I read this script that I’m dying to do, and the one thing that’s getting in my way is nudity,” she continued.

“And I realised there’s a difference between consent and not.”

“It’s my body and it’s my art and it’s my choice. And if you don’t like boobs, you should not go see Red Sparrow.”

“I had to really think about it before I even said yes to the movie,” she previously told Seven’s Sunrise.

“I couldn’t say yes … and then be like ‘can we not use those scenes’. The only way to do the movie is if I’m willing to push myself as far as my character is forced to go.”

“I actually left feeling empowered [after filming the scenes]. I still feel empowered,” Lawrence finished. 

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