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Jennifer Lopez “Liked” A Very Telling, Not-So-Cryptic Breakup Quote After A.Rod Split

This is... intense.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez announced their split on April 15, and it seems, despite the former couple stating they were better off as friends, things are getting messy. 

The former couple, who began dating in 2017 and got engaged in 2019, shared a joint statement to inform fans they’d called off their engagement earlier this month. “We have realised we are better as friends and look forward to remaining so,” they said. “We will continue to work together and support each other on our shared businesses and projects. We wish the best for each other and one another’s children. Out of respect for them, the only other comment we have to say is thank you to everyone who has sent kind words and support.” 

Now, internet sleuths have uncovered a recent “like” from the entertainer on Instagram with many fans asking if this means things aren’t as they seem. Lopez double-tapped a quote by author Reuben Holmes, who goes by r.h. Sin, which read: “Don’t make her think you care when you have never given a fuck about her.” 

The caption was perhaps even more telling, with Holmes writing: “Don’t let them manipulate you. How many times have you been told ‘I love you’ by someone who has continued to treat you like shit?”

Fans were quick to notice J.Lo’s like, with one user writing in response: “Damn, @jlo this shows me really nobody is safe from bs like this.” 

This recent activity also comes as A.Rod posted a video to his Instagram Stories of photographs of the couple with Coldplay’s “Fix You” playing in the background. 

Rumours of their split first broke in March, when People reported that the couple had decided to call off their engagement. “This has been a long time coming,” a source told the outlet

Days after those rumours began to swirl, the couple released their first statement on the reports, announcing that they had plans to stay together. 

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