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Jesinta Franklin On Babies, Buddy and Taking on the Bigots

and she really wants to know if pregnancy glow is actually a thing

Jesinta Franklin has had plenty of people asking her if she’s thought of entering politics. It isn’t surprising because Jes is not afraid to have an opinion. The sheer fact it’s actually informed, and usually enlightening, is what makes her stand out from the pack. 

But it’s also because she’s faced some demons of her own in the last few years, as we discovered in this really raw and revealing episode of our Finding Fearless with marie claire podcast.  

For starters, there was the news about her pregnancy and how she’s finally having a baby after struggling through two and half years of trying. She’s taken on the huge task of launching her own app, JESINTA. She’s had to face some personal health scares. She also recently lost a close family member to suicide – but is determined to talk about it in a bid to reduce the stigma around mental health issues. And now she has a new mission: imploring all of us to be loud and proud about Australia’s Indigenous heritage and culture. She talks with such honesty and candour that you almost forget these are all the big, important topics of our time: family life, digital detoxing, motivation, mental health and the nation’s peculiar relationship with racism.     

The thing is, Jesinta Franklin is so much more than meets the eye. As you will see in this chat with editor Nicky Briger, Jes is always up for a laugh, but she’s super-smart and a natural story teller – and is committed to sharing her life warts and all in a bid to make others feel better about themselves (no seriously, she’s for real). 

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