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Stop Everything: It Looks Like ‘The Sinner’ Might Be Coming Back For Season 2

Jessica Biel has teased the news

There was a lot we loved about Netflix’s runaway hit The Sinner: its gripping murder mystery, Jessica Biel’s Golden Globe-nominated performance and of course, her amazing bangs. 

The incredible eight-episode series explores why a young mother named Cora (Jessica Biel) inexplicably stabs a stranger to death at the beach (we promise that’s not spoiler). The show questions what compelled Cora to commit the horrific attack. Why are her memories missing? Did she know the victim? Will she strike again? 

Following on from the show’s success on Netflix, Biel has revealed the creative team is working on bringing the series to the small screen for a second season. 

“We are really hoping to hear soon if we get to come back or not. Initially, the show was genuinely conceived as a limited series so it was a surprise to us as well that, with the amazing viewership and the incredible journey that this show has taken, it was even a possibility to come back,” Biel told Entertainment Weekly.

“But now that it is a possibility, we are really diving deeply with our creative team, our writers’ room. We’re hoping to set it up and see if we can come up with some amazing and interesting stories. If we get to come back, we’re starting fresh again. I will definitely be involved in some way! I hope somebody writes me into the show, if we can figure it out.”

The sinner
(Credit: Netflix)

She added: “We will figure it out if it’s possible, but we want to be authentic to the show. We want to do what’s right for the show as opposed to what’s right for me.”

Do yourself a favour and watch the first season of The Sinner if you haven’t already. But be warned: you’ll never look at wallpaper the same way. 

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