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The Damning New Evidence Revealed In The JonBenet Documentary

The evidence doesn't look good for her family.

Part One of The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey premiered last night on Channel Nine, and it’s already got people talking about the curious unsolved murder.

The six-year-old beauty queen was killed in her home on Christmas day in Boulder, Colorado in 1996, and found in the basement hours after her death. While the case had previously cleared her family as suspects through DNA tests on her clothes in 2008, the investigation was reopened in 2009. The new documentary has gathered together a team of experts to analyse the evidence again, and has even revealed new evidence that looks damning for her family. 

So far, there are three major bombshells that have dropped from the show…

1. Six More Seconds Recorded From The 911 Call

When JonBenet’s mother Patsy rang 911, there were several strange elements to the call – including the fact that she hung up on the operator, and that she could be heard in the background after the call saying “Okay, we’ve called the police, now what?”. As a result, the 911 operator, Kim Archuletta, has spoken out for the first time about the call. 

“It sounded like she said, ‘Okay, we’ve called the police, now what?’ and that disturbed me,” she said. “So I remained on the phone trying to listen to what was being said. It sounded like there were two voices in the room, maybe three. Different ones. I had a bad feeling about this, to me it sounded rehearsed.”

This was never addressed in the original case. From analysis of the recording, experts think the voices could be saying:

“We’re not speaking to you,” said a voice that sounded like John Ramsey.

“What did you do? Help me Jesus,” said a voice that sounded like Patsy Ramsey.

“What did you find?” said a child’s voice, which could have been JonBenet’s brother Burke. This is particularly damning as the Ramseys have always claimed that he was asleep during the events that day.

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This all seems very eerie. 

2. The Ransom Note Seems Staged

In the show, forensic linguist Jim Fitzgerald analysed the two-and-a-half page long ransom note left in the house for JonBenet’s body. The note was written with paper from the house, and it was determined that it would have taken at least about 22 minutes to write. 

Fitzgerald concluded from the handwriting and the language used in the note that it was likely written by a woman who was 30 years old or older, and someone who was a native English speaker. The writer had also asked for a very suspicious amount of money – $118,000 US, which was almost exactly the same amount John Bennett Ramsey had received as a bonus that year. 

It was even discovered that some lines from the note were directly stolen from the movies Dirty Harry and Speed

3. The Way The Body Was Discovered Doesn’t Make Sense

FBI agent Ron Walker was the only other agent to set foot in the Ramsey’s house the day of the murder. He opened up in an interview about the curiosities of how the body was discovered.

“Virtually every staged murder scene that I have seen, the perpetrator manipulates the arrival of friends or other family members, who are then put in a situation where they actually discover the body, or they are with the perpetrator as the body is discovered,” he said.

John had apparently grabbed his Fleet White and gone straight to the basement, which is where the body was discovered. He had apparently discovered the body while the lights were off, which was strange, and Walker was taken aback with how John handled the body.

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Tonight Part Two will air on Channel Nine at 8:40pm, and apparently the prime suspect will be revealed after the analyse more evidence from the case. We’re already on the edge of our seats!

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