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I Feel Sorry For Jordyn Woods. There, I Said It

What young woman hasn't made a mistake?

There’s no doubt you would have heard about the latest unbelievable Kardashian scandal, but here’s a quick recap for those who haven’t studied every detail like their life depends on it (cough, me). Last week, Tristan Thompson was in LA visiting Khloe Kardashian for Valentine’s Day, when he decided to attend Drake’s concert on Saturday night. Kylie Jenner’s BFF Jordyn Woods was also at the gig and witnesses said the two were flirty, touchy and all in all, too close for comfort. After the concert ended, a bunch of people went back to Tristan’s for an after party, where phones were confiscated. Jordyn turned up a few hours later and, per the Hollywood Unlocked contributor who was at the house, the pair were “all over each other.”

“Thompson and Woods were all over each other, and, it wasn’t just ‘friendly.’ They couldn’t keep their hands off of each other,” the article reads, before going on to say Jordyn didn’t leave Tristan’s until 7am Sunday morning.

After the article was published, E! News reports Khloe confronted Tristan straight away and the NBA player eventually admitted to cheating with 21-year-old Jordyn. All of the above seems to have been confirmed by the Kardashians with Khloe and her BFF Malika commenting on the Hollywood Unlocked story and multiple members of the family unfollowing Jordyn and Tristan on social media. Yesterday, People reported that Jordyn had moved out of Kylie’s guest house, where she had been living since 2017, and back to her mum’s.

Now, there’s no doubt that if Jordyn slept with/kissed/whatever Tristan, she’s done something really horrible. As Kylie’s best friend, Jordyn was welcomed into the Kardashian family with open arms. She’s been a huge part of not only Kylie’s life, but all of her sisters’ lives as well: she attended Kim and Kanye’s wedding, she is Stormi’s godmother and she’s gotten an entire career and made a lot of money off the back of her friendship with the famous family, modelling for Yeezy, Good American (Khloe’s jean brand) and releasing a Kylie Cosmetics range.

I’m in no way excusing Jordyn’s actions. She was an absolute idiot to have gone anywhere near Tristan, especially after seeing all of the pain he put Khloe through with his last cheating scandal. But she’s also a 21-year-old girl, who was likely intoxicated and who was being made to feel special by a good looking, famous, NBA-playing 27-year-old man. Through her friendship with the Kardashians, Jordyn has lived in the shadows of not only Kylie’s fame and fortune, but every Kardashian sister. On Saturday night, she probably felt something every young woman has wanted to feel: good enough. Good enough to be wanted by someone who already has a beautiful and incredible – and ridiculously famous – woman. Good enough to be wanted more than a Kardashian. Think back to when you were a teenager and all the gross boys you put before friends. I, myself, started secretly dating a boy named Matt, who my good friend Amy had just broken up with. Why? Because Amy was gorgeous and funny and one of the most popular girls at school. It made me feel validated to be seen by someone who she had invested time in. I still remember how horrible I felt when Amy found out. I cried and cried and regretted absolutely every second of it. I can’t imagine living through that with the entire world knowing, having to move out of my best friend’s house, and having millions of people messaging me telling me how I am worthless.

This morning E! News reported that Jordyn is “living her worst nightmare. She’s completely distraught and knows she has lost everything. Her life will never be the same.” The source continued to say that “as of yesterday, she has been completely cut off by Kylie and the family.”

While Tristan deserves nothing more than to be cut off by all of the Kardashians and move his cheating ass back to Cleveland, let’s spare a thought for the young woman who made a mistake, which is being broadcast to the world as it plays out in real time.

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