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Everyone Is Worried About Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat Choupette

Our thoughts are with her

When the news of Karl Lagerfeld’s passing broke late last night, our hearts went out to his Birman cat/best friend Choupette.

Choupette has been Lagerfeld’s pride and joy for the last eight years and was dubbed the world’s most famous cat with her Instagram following of 160,000.

The Chanel creative director adopted the kitten from model Bapitiste Giabiconi in 2011.

“A friend of mine got Choupette when she was only three months old and she had to travel and asked if I could take her in my house and take care of her. And then when she came back two weeks later I said, ‘I am sorry Choupette will stay,” Lagerfeld told People in 2013.

Since then, the adorable cat has become a household name in the fashion industry, with her own modeling gigs, a make-up line, book deal and a blog called Choupette’s Diary.

Lagerfeld doted on “the most beautiful cat in the world,” who reportedly owns an iPad and has two personal maids, a chauffeur and a bodyguard.

Now, the white-haired seven-year-old is set to inherit a piece of her owner’s $237 million fortune.

Ashley Tschudin, the manager of Choupette’s blog and social media channels, released a statement to People detailing how the cat is coping.

“During this time, Choupette is coping with the loss the best she knows how to, but at such a young age (and being a cat), that is challenging. Karl Lagerfeld is and will always be her ‘Daddy.’ She is choosing to put her best paw forward and hopes that her loyal fans and followers will continue with their outpouring of love to help ease the pain,” the statement reads.

On a blog post, Choupette called herself “Daddy Karl’s Biggest Fan,” and wrote, “He was a true icon who touched the lives of everyone he came in contact with, especially moi. He will forever live in my now broken heart and the hearts of all his supporters around the world. I am eternally grateful for the life and love he gave me through adoption. I will never forget the moments we’ve shared together travelling, exploring, and creating.”

Our thoughts are with Choupette.

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