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The Devious Way Kate Middleton Hides Her Pregnancies

She’s done it with all three

The Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy announcement caught us all by surprise (except for, bizarrely, the British bookies). But one British political reporter has a very interesting theory about why the world didn’t see it coming – and it all hinges on the Duchess’s hair.

According to the Evening Standard’s Kate Proctor, Kate Middleton drastically changes her hairstyle ahead of announcing her pregnancies. Case in point: before news broke that she was expecting Prince George in 2012, the Duchess debuted a headline-making fringe. One week later? Kensington Palace made their royal baby announcement.

Fast forward to 2017 and what does Kate do? Chop her signature long lengths off and into a shoulder-length lob at Wimbledon – just a few short weeks before her pregnancy was made public.

kate middleton wimbledon 2017
The Duchess of Cambridge at Wimbledon in 2017. (Credit: Getty)

It’s a genius move: by drawing our attention to her hair, the Duchess shifts the world’s focus away from any baby bump speculation. But now her secret’s finally out, she’ll have to come up with another ploy for – dare we say it – baby number four.

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