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Kate Moss Testifies That Johnny Depp Never “Pushed, Kicked Or Threw” Her Down Stairs

The supermodel has testified at the ongoing Heard vs. Depp defamation trial.

Appearing via video conference from her home in the Cotswolds, legendary supermodel Kate Moss has provided sworn testimony during the ongoing Depp vs. Heard defamation trial that Johnny Depp never “pushed, kicked or threw” her down a flight of stairs.

Moss, who was in a romantic relationship with Depp for four years between 1994-1998, was called to the trial as a witness for Depp after Heard mentioned 48-year-old during her own testimony.

Earlier in the trial, Heard had claimed that she immediately thought of “Kate Moss and stairs” during an alleged argument with Depp in March of 2015.

Heard argued that during the supposed incident Depp had attempted to swing at Heard’s sister Whitney for trying to intervene between their argument.

Now, Moss has set the record straight once and for all.

While neither Depp or Moss have previously addressed the rumours, the model vehemently asserted that Johnny didn’t push her down stairs, rather that she slipped down a staircase.

Kate Moss testifies in the Heard vs. Depp case in Virginia (Credit: Source: Getty)

Moss told the court that during a holiday to the GoldenEye resort in Jamaica she had “slid down the stairs” and hurt her back.

“We were leaving the room, and Johnny left the room before I did, and there had been a rainstorm”, Moss explained.

“I screamed because I didn’t know what had happened to me and I was in pain. He came running back to help me and carried me to my room and got me medical attention,” the star continued.

Depp’s lawyer Ben Chew, once again asked Moss to clarify for the court if she had ever been pushed down the stairs by Depp throughout the course of their relationship, to which she replied with a firm “no”.

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp in 1995 (Credit: Source: Getty)

Moss’ statement finished with Chew asking her to clarify why she decided to testify in this case, considering that she had never testified in any court proceeding before this moment.

This question, however, was left unanswered as Heard’s lawyer objected to the line of questioning as it was “outside the scope” of what she was called to testify about.

Heard’s lawyers declined to cross-examine Moss.

The Heard vs. Depp trial is in its last few days, with the court expecting proceedings to conclude this coming Friday.

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